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Mission Statement:

To provide the highest quality, fully experienced, by the book, and safety conscious aviation and logistics veteran professionals as a best value workforce solution, through their continued service supporting DOD and Industry.

VAST Aerospace is owned and led by Johnathan "Indy” Jones, a 32 year military Veteran with multiple combat service tours, who possesses very extensive experience as both an Aviation Maintenance and Logistic technician for a myriad of aircraft, engines, and weapons/support systems, and as a Senior Enlisted Maintenance, Quality, and Operations manager.  He has held multiple executive leadership positions serving as a senior ‘Aviation Mustang’ Naval Officer for multiple Squadrons, Repair facilities, a Forward Deployed AirWing, and a Battle Group, both in CONUS, OCONUS, and deployed worldwide.


Industry experience: 8+ dynamic years of experience, which include; Director of Business Development, Director of Operations, Programs Senior Manager, Subject Matter Expert for Navy/USMC Aviation, and as a RDT&E Flight Test Engineer; having served post Active service, with 3 successful, large Aviation Services Companies.


U S Government Civil Service; 2+ years Major DoD weapon system Program Manager for joint services and industry support.

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The VAST contract support solution provides: An opportunity for the U S taxpayer to continue receiving benefits from their initial investment in Military service member training. The experienced and dedicated post-military Veteran service member will now be able to “continue their service” in the civilian workforce, through supporting both DoD and Industry Aviation and Logstics.

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